21 Nov

A tribute to Dr. Ali Aldurrat

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Dr. Ali Aldurrat, a Libyan doctor who was specialized in one of the hospitals in Germany, was shocked when he suddenly found out that his country “Libya” was leading the news’ headlines all around the world.
The citizens of his country, who had started a peaceful revolt, have been confronted with anti- air craft ammunition directed at them from the regime’s forces, to repress, kill and terrorize.
After seeing footages of the wounded and killed, he decided to put his life on hold and leave his family to go back to his country; to ease the pain of the injured and offer the help they needed.
He arrived in Libya at his hometown Misrata, to find her nearly destroyed and still under attack by Qaddafi forces; so he worked in the field hospitals of the rebels, then he was captured and tortured by the forces, displayed on the regime’s TV channels as a traitor and a terrorist, and when Tripoli was finally liberated from Qaddafi’s hold, he was found murdered in his cell along with other prisoners.
Another Libyan family has been deprived of their father by the clutches of tyranny and unjust. A dear price to live and die Free..

The clip at the beginning and end of this video was shot by the Qaddafi soldiers themselves at the time he was captured. As you can see he was wearing his scrubs. He also had his medical bag with him.
In the first clip, you can see he was distressed, that’s why he was muttering these words “There’s no god but Allah..” The soldier heard him and yelled “How? How there’s no god but Allah? What are you muttering about?..” And so the doctor responded surprised “you don’t even want me to say that there’s no god but Allah?!”
In the second clip, the captive was trying to explain that he was only a doctor, nothing more.

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