About Me

About me? Hmm.. You actually wanna go there? Okay. As you wish. I eat a lot. I think it’s a sin to go hungry. When I feel hunger, I actually exclaim “Asta3’feruAllah!” Books are included in my diet. I am intrigued by the fact this whole world is going according to some kind of a plan, and the fact that God has given me the opportunity to take part in it is just dignifying. I like everyone, that is to quote Oscar Wilde and say that I am indifferent to everyone. Life is too short to spend it caring too much. Moderation is the key. “Impediment” is the boogeyman of words to me. I hate anything that would go against my movement. W.R.T my own life of course. I am ditsy, quirky, zesty, loquacious, pragmatic, greedy of immaterialness, humanly selfish at times, delinquent against my wish, willfully bullheaded, scornfully unemotional, staunch friend, friendly acquaintance, lousy daughter, inadequate sister and an old-maid-wanna-be. Oh, and I’m an Aquarius BTW. AND a Libyan! That looks like Filipinos!
I’m a time killer. I kill time by breathing. And reading.
By God I’m Free!
As cool as a cucumber!

My Childhood Stuff

Stuff which I like…

  • Al HadhraRafat el RomanEd SheeranNusrat Fateh Ali Khanmaher zainA R Rahman

  • 84charingA_SeparationRaavanposter2life in a dayThe Sunset Limitedrab-ne-banadi-jodi

  • The BrokerHarry Potter SeriesA Modest ProposalOne Hundred Years of SolitudeDa Vinci CodeThe Picture of Dorian Gray

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