28 Dec

An Advice for a Speaker

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Talking talk of no use.
Pause, think, and breathe
Then start looking for an excuse.

Strike the core or lose.
Cut it short and mind read,
The others might be confused.

Endeavor to calm the muse,
For she might toil without heed,
To you or anyone, pelting kitsch views.

Analyze the thought and then produce.
Simplify the matter, to be conceived,
Then put it out and let them choose.

Check your tone and their moods,
And mind the motion of your hands and feet,
Be careful, or you might get them bruised.

Pick the words that fit and soothe.
The listeners who’s determining your breed,
Might mistake you for a monkey or a goose.

Maintain fresh supplies of jokes and clues,
To have something for them to feed,
Attract and then capture, that’s the main ruse.

And remember, always speak either to educate or to amuse.

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