30 Sep

Condemning the Protests in Libya

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I’m sorry for the killing of the American ambassador and his colleagues.
I’m sorry for misrepresenting Islam, the way of peacful being in unity with all and submission to the One.
I’m sorry for my conduct that is least resembling the Prophet Muhammed’s true nature of tolerance and forgiveness.
I’m sorry for the derogatory remarks against Salafis and Sunnis and whoever Muslim that have been misjudged and stereotyped according to his appearance.
I’m sorry for doubting the Eastern cities even for a second and condemning the Shraga in Benghazi to a crime they are already against.
I’m sorry for generalizing upon any group of people while I accuse others who do the same thing of injustice.
I’m sorry for the lack of means to secure my country and providing the right protection for the Libyan and non-Libyan citizens alike.
I’m sorry for the ignorance that was imposed upon some to be misled and exploited by others.
I’m sorry for those who were reduced to a life of poverty and struggle by misfortunes and an apathetic society.
I’m sorry for it all and hope you’ll forgive me. For I am only an Arab Muslim; I have no one to blame but myself.

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