03 Dec

Earth’s Vermin

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I see you, earth’s vermin,
Clasping the starboard, waving flags and fists
And tugging at the chains ’round her wrists

And you, divine captain,
Why deny that she even exists?
Why give those Neolithic the vests?
And assign her dwelling to the cists?
Testify to her cunning mind twists
Yet maintain she only manages with half wits!

Go ahead divine captain!
Order to cut off her legs, arms and breasts
Then keel haul the body to the predators of apex

But look at you divine captain,
Lost the heart on whom your head often rests
Lost the gentle hands and fine fingertips
That used to revive your soul, your spirits

And now, as the ark lists
Beware the dark watery midsts
Awaiting you, earth’s vermin.

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