28 Dec

Failure Succeed

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Cheerful laughs once bloomed.
They were shed by the streaming anguish
That drowned the bed in a dark room,
And the leaking chinks were sadly selfish.

Squalling cries oppressed the atmosphere,
The door stuck, no windows to air
The shaky floor shook all even the chandelier
Panicked back and forth and noised along with there’s.
While the body struck dumb, a letter was near
Lying on the ground with all the wretchedness it bears.

At last, the open mouth was ready to gulp,
And the gullet was lined with dark black,
From sheer edge it pulled the body devoid of hope.
As the holding fingers were willfully pulled back,

Then light made a window and emerged, with fairness
Tip toed upon everything, reviving them to breathe.
Perplexed he did not realize the sunny freshness
Saving him, then why did he start to weep?
The dear light shone and faded away his distress
Appeased the room and sat the door free.

Would he reach for the luminous hand and attempt
To pass the door? Or would he rest -restlessly- in his pit?
I know no more.

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