15 Feb

Iran and Israel: As I say, “Humbug!”

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israel_iran_nuclearFear of war between Iran and Israel has been growing since some time ago. We literally need to be “wary” with anything concerning Iran and it’s allies. I mean if the operation was carried out after the death anniversary of an assassinated Hizbullah leader, why didn’t Israel go for Lebanon? AND if it was carried out in retaliation for the assassination of those Iranian scientists in covert missions by Israel, what’s that got to do with the rest of the world? Why Israel keeps booming out about “Terror exporting” and “shaking the stability of the region” BS? It’s all humbug!
And the way they were carried out? Do they seem done by a “dangerously powerful” country? As that out of the 3 attack – the first in Delhi; two (some papers said four?) were INJURED. The second in Tbilisi, the devise was, luckily or not, found and defused. And the last but not least, the one in Bangkok which (one of the bombs accidentally detonated in the assailant’s house he was renting, then he threw a grenade at a taxi driver who refused to pick him up and get him to a hospital (I would’ve done the same BTW). After that, he attempted to throw a third grenade at police, but it bounced off a tree and detonated in front of him. One of his legs was blown off and landed in the playground of a nearby school.) Yes. You may laugh now.

Do you actually think these so called “attacks” were carried by Iranian agencies? A “dangerously powerful” country like Iran? I didn’t think so either.
And the reason behind these attacks being so farcical; is that, Israel can’t risk frightening their citizens especially the politicians.

So, all of this is the inception of the war against Iran. It seems meant to be.

Look for the video where “Binyamin Netanyahu accuses Iran over bombs targeting Israeli diplomats.” Whenever these people declare official statements, I tend to watch for their body language, and use it to verify if whatever he’s saying is true or not.
On often occasions, they are so bloody good! You won’t be able to spotify anything from their body language. So what I do instead is watch for the ones of behind him.
In that video, you can clearly see the dude in the back was holding his jacket lapels with his thumbs sticking upwards; a sign of domineering and “aggressiveness!” I know. Nothing new. Cool trivia though, no?

As for Saudi !!! Don’t even get me started!!!
And we were the ones angry at Qaddafi for naming his purported Rev after himself! How about naming the whole FRIKKIN country after yourself??? The word “king” itself sets my blood simmering!
He calls anyone celebrating Milud a Kafer, but the celebrations that are annually carried out in his honor in which thousands if not millions are put in them are okay!
And the way he’s acting all sympathetic with the Syrian revolution, and he himself deserves a revolt!!!
Oh, I wish he gets a revolution on his hands, and you know carried out by whom? The women!!! Ameeeeeeeen!

What imbeciles!

A bit dramatic but this is how it is.

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