28 Dec

Purple Mine

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Never saw her my whole life
When I did I wished I hadn’t.
That purple beauty with eyelined eyes
So tenderly looked on my own and caressed.
Like magic, those glasses and British tongue of thy
Shoo away my crows of sorrow that set.
Like we were sisters since the beaming of light
I am to her free willingly fastened. For,

On her birthday, she is to fly
Among her family, from happiness and content.
My Aquarius mate, to whom I’m too much alike,
And what an honored clone I’m gladly to admit.

Your hurried visits are like the tide’s,
As he recedes to his huge pit,
Chased to the door, he backwards glides,
Leaving the sands by their tears wet.

Happy-go-lucky, childish princess of mine
And never let a sigh out or regret.
Miracles do happen from time to time
And what a precious one that we met.

My compliments to the glorious mother, of this purple mine
To whom all gratitude is a merit.

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