07 Jul

Voting ends in historic Libyan Elections

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Libya ElectionHaven’t slept at all, been on and off Facebook for the past 8 hours, had my breakfast of tuna sandwich and a “twissa”, concerned more about what I’m going to wear and the blazing sun waiting for me than whom I’m going to vote for! Still hating Alwatan and Alta7aluf alike and definitely wasting my time on FB when I should be getting dressed for MY FIRST VOTING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

Can I possibly be any more Libyan?

Taxis downtown are offering free rides to anyone who wants to go to any polling station! The Voting Craze… it’s everywhere!!! All Libyans dressed up like it was Eid today, made 3aseeda in the morning and were congratulating each other in the streets. We all know that most of the voters went for Jebril’s party and any individual they are related to; still, I am happy. Because each of us had one right-hand index finger inked. We are finally equal! Sharing this responsibility together, if anything happens, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Almost one million and two hundred thousand Libyans have cast their votes today. Head of HNEC said. Follow the hashtag #LyElect on Twitter for more updates on Libyan Elections!
Allahu Akbar wa leAllahi al7amd! 🙂


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